360 Turntable Spin – Hummer (360 Steps)

This is a 360 degrees turntable interactive scene. The Hummer Vehicle is an object created using a 3D software. It has not yet been configured to run on some hand-held mobile systems, so you might not be able to view this on a mobile device with a small display such as the iPhone. However, it has been tested on Google Chrome on the Apple iPad and was able to load and run as expected. Interaction using finger swipe is also possible. Please allow some time for the system to load. You may interact with it when it has fully loaded all the necessary media. This has been designed for use on offline systems, it might take some time to fully load on slower internet connections. The object can be a 3D Model or a real object. Any number of spin steps can be created for each object. For our example here, we have used 360-degree stepping. A smaller number of steps can be used to reduce the loading time, but the movement will not be as smooth. To load the object with a larger step number requires some time to load. Please be patient.