Mogadishu In Frame

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Mogadishu in Frame

The collection of visuals that you see in this film was shot in a place called “Mogadishu” in Somalia. It was a time when I was working as a volunteer for a short period. At the time of shooting, the land was stricken with hunger and famine is widespread across the area. Water was scarce, and very rare in fact. The people had to travel long distances from their villages to reach this encampment to get some food and survive. Some of the people travelling this vast distances do not make-it to this destination. The area I have shot in this film is a mere closed boundary of 4 kilometers by 8 kilometers. I have witnessed all of this and it was very saddening. I am sharing this experience to the rest of the world, not to display this misfortune for no reason, but to show the world the harsh realities that other people in this part of the world are experiencing, things that they do not even know about. I am hoping this can touch peoples’ lives, and spark some kindness in the hearts of those who have the power to change this condition and help these people survive and live a better life.


Abdul Wahab Al Asbahi



The Film: Mogadishu in Frame



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Mogadishu in Frame